Brigand Five: An Unflankable Story

Chapter 9: The Battle Of Mossington, Part 2

The battle is raging. The heroes are faced with an orc, two worgs, and a massive unfettered scorpion. Seraphina, still hovering over the battle, casts a phantom illusion deep into the brain of the scorpion. Unbeknownst to the rest of the crew, the scorpion believes it is buried under a massive avalanche. To them the creature is only twitching and flailing about. Geandur and Morningstar exchange blows with the worgs and remaining orc. Morningstar also releases a bout of healing magic and his allies begin to feel renewed. Othfir, who was out of range of any healing, feels renewed in a different way, as he exacts his brutal revenge on his orc attacker, knocking him over and obliterating his skull. Soon enough, the only hostile creature in their vicinity is the scorpion, still flailing pathetically. As Geandur and Othfir approach the large struggling insect, an uncharacteristically harsh voice bursts from Seraphina, demanding that the scorpion remain untouched. Slightly unnerved, they turn towards the center of town.

The sounds of battle draw the heroes in. Othfir shouts for the archers to advance and angrily swats at some flowers. Geandur dashes right into the center of the main street of Mossington, switching from his sword to his axe. He finds himself in the midde of a group of dastardly orcs, including each chief of the two orc tribes. The chief of the Slashed Skull tribe is mountainous. He is surrounded by reinforcements from the council, but the men and dwarves seem to be no match for the chief. The chief of the Red Fist wields a barbed whip and with an orcish shout, conjures a bed of spikes amongst the reinforcements. Geandur soon finds himself surrounded as well by orcs and worgs alike. Meanwhile, Morningstar and Othfir climb onto the rooftops, while Arradon goes to see what’s taking the archers so long. A peculiar discovery is made however; amongst the moss on the rooftops, small fruits appear to be growing. Both Morningstar and Othfir have a taste and feel renewed and invigorated respectively.

Othfir looks down at the battle below. He sets down his hammer, hops onto its head, and then hops off the roof itself. One of the council swordsmen is shocked when one of his orcish opponents disappears beneath the weight of a dwarven barbarian riding his hefty hammer. Geandur, meanwhile, dodges and parries attack after attack from the orcs. But one can’t block forever and he takes a slash from behind. Morningstar draws one of his force arrows and fires it into the throng surrounding Geandur. The resulting wave throws orc, worg, and Geandur backward onto the ground and into walls. This frees up the barbarian to face the chief of the Red Fist. The wiry orc shaman looks Geandur in the eye and in a voice rippling with magic speaks the word, “Run”. The magical command fails to take hold in the barbarian’s mind, and Geandur simply stares at the chief, asking, “What?”.

The throng of orcs begins picking themselves off of the ground, but Seraphina summons a powerful sleep, and three of the orcs topple back over in slumber. The Red Fist chief climbs to the roof of the nearest house and, seeing the turning tides of battle, shouts to his fellow orcs to go burn the silos. Two orcs hop on their worgs and ride off to do as they've been told. Morningstar has since fallen from the roof and has acquired some orc attackers. One is killed on the spot as Othfir uses his battering ram to launch the orc-sized ragdoll across the cobblestone street. Seraphina, still floating in radiant majesty, unleashes a barrage of magic missiles, pummeling the chief of the Red Fist. Geandur climbs onto the roof to finish the job, while Morningstar blasts the other chief with a bolt of energy.

The chief of the Red Fist sees that the odds are not in his favor. He creates another patch of spikes, killing one of his own orcs, and looks at Geandur with a glint in his eye. He shouts to Chief Tym, the hulking top-hatted orc, wishing him luck and offering half-hearted apologies. With that he jumps off the roof. Upon landing on the ground, the chief turns to stone. With horror and frustration, the heroes watch as the stone orc blows away into sand. Despite being surrounded by the corpses of his foes, Chief Tym curses his counterpart's name, Chief Gora. As the angry shouts of Tym pierce the air, another horrid sound joins the chorus. The sound of screams flow through the air, coming from the direction of the silos.




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