Geandur Flamewake


Geandur hails from a small village in the Southern Islands. As is customary among his people, in his mid teens he set off on a rite of passage into adulthood. On this journey, he spent 5 years as a member of a pirate crew, traveling to different lands within the region, and learning as much as he could about the outside world.

At the end of his rite of passage, he returned to his homeland to find it ravaged by plague. Many villages had succumbed to the plague, which Geandur noted had spread with unnatural swiftness and devastation. Although the plague had rendered the lands practically inhabitable for most, conditions were ripe for those who fed upon death and corruption.

The streets of Geandur’s once lively village had become littered with the dead and dying. Even his own family had not been spared. His mother and father spent their days bed-ridden while his younger sister used what little strength she still had to keep them as comfortable as possible. His elder brother had already died days before Geandur had arrived.

Geandur feared any further spread of whatever had infected his people and thus took matters into his own hands by killing every living thing within the village. The young and the old, mother, father and sibling, even the livestock – with heavy heart but iron will he slew them all. Afterward, he burnt the entire settlement to the ground.

It was too late for his village, but perhaps there was still hope for others. Geandur travelled the plains and countryside looking for survivors, but found mostly ever-increasing numbers of infected and, in many cases, the undead. He saved whomever he could and set fire to whomever and whatever he could not. It would be days before he learned of the one responsible for the the sudden death and decay stretching across the land – a powerful Teifling necromancer.

According to survivors, the necromancer had used magic to disguise her true appearance, appearing as a young human sorcerer on a pilgrimage of good will to the Southern Islands. Once in the village, her dark magic would take root within the very land itself. She would feed on the death and sickness of those around her, then make her way to the next area. Few had seen her true form, but those who did all agree on her appearance. In human guise she was tall and slender, honey-skinned and black hair that flowed to her waist in thick curls. In her Tiefling form, her skin was the colour of dried blood and she had tiny horns which curved daintily above her head. Her most defining feature, however, was a strange symbol which was carved into her forehead and was visible in both her forms.

Recalling how many people had still been alive in his village at the time of his arrival, Geandur deduced that the necromancer had most likely fled like a rat from a burning shack while he purged his home. She had been right under his nose and he had let her escape. He would spend the following years travelling the Southern Islands and surrounding regions, always on the necromancer’s trail, but always one step behind.

Geandur Flamewake specializes in dealing with the undead and practitioners of dark arts. He can be single-minded in his hunt for the Tiefling necromancer and the destruction of the undead and other minions of darkness. In addition, he is very wary of those who practice or rely too heavily on magic. He believes in doing things for the greater good despite personal feelings. As such, many of his decisions do not sit will with others, including those he happens to be partnered with at the time.

Geandur Flamewake

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