Seraphina Nettlecloak

Aasimar Sorcerer backpacking across D&D Europe before college


Level 3 Sorcerer, Aasimar Protector


  • Str 7 (-2 mod)
  • Dex 10 (0 mod)
  • Con 15 (+2 mod)
  • Int 12 (+1 mod)
  • Wis 14 (+2)
  • Cha 17 (+3)

Features & Traits

  • 60 ft darkvision
  • Resist necrotic & radiant damage
  • Healing hands (1 hp per Seraphina’s level per encounter)
  • Wild Magic- Tides of Chaos: Advantage on a attack, ability, or saving throw once per encounter
  • Wild Magic side effect: The DM may force the player to roll after casting a spell for a chance at creating a random spell effect
  • Metamagic: Twinned Spell. If a spell normally has a single target, she can cast it on more than one target.
  • Inner Radiance: Once per encounter Seraphina can summon ethereal wings that let her fly and add radiant damage to her attacks. Her wings look like molten gold bird wings.

Seraphina tends to know evocation and illusion spells. The evocation spells aren’t out of a desire to destroy, however, they come from her Pa and Da’s deep appreciation of the natural world. Ice, electric, and nature magic make more sense to her than necromantic or poison damage. Seraphina also relies on illusion spells from when she and her friends would play pranks on other villagers.


Seraphina is Luke Skywalker with more insight and sass. As an Aasimar, she was born as a chosen disciple of a celestial being she’s never met to human parents she doesn’t remember. Which, like her hometown Briar’s Knee, is pretty lame.

As a baby she was found abandoned in the Sphinxwood by traders along the Sphinx’s Tail trade route near a paranoid and remote settlement named Assencave. The Lionwalker traders, who knew enough of the “Ass-enders” traditions to know that they would abandon children with birth defects, usually picked up the children and either adopted them or took them to an orphanage along their route. (Unethical Lionwalkers would sell the babies.) But when they saw her strange hair and eyes, they knew this child was exceptional, and sought the counsel of Dunn “Nettlecloak” Grumblebrow, a hill dwarf druid who lived in the Sphinxwood. After trading all of his plants, herbs, and furs for custody, Nettlecloak adopted the child.

A few months into the child’s odd magical outbursts, Nettlecloak took his daughter Seraphina (meaning “descended from Seraphim”) to Briar’s Knee, a trading post and farming village for insight. Arlo Thistlewit, a gnome divination wizard on the outskirts of Briar’s Knee, was used to having his spacetime research interrupted by farmers requesting harvest predictions or teenagers asking about their crushes, so he was thrilled to help Nettlecloak unwrap the mysteries of the pint-size planar anomaly. Over the course of their research, Arlo and Dunn fell in love and agreed to raise Seraphina together as Da and Pa.

Aside from her prophetic dreams, distracting hair, and uncontrollable surges of magical energy, Seraphina’s adolescence was pretty boring. She went to school with her halfling friends, dreaming about what would happen if they left for the city at the Sphinx’s Mouth. Her parents made money through their specialty potions and bonded with carefully cooked meals, hikes, and stargazing through Da Arlo’s telescope. Da taught Seraphina the value of curiosity and Pa Dunn taught her the importance of caring for others. Both taught her the value of the long view, which is really irritating when you’re a teenager but made her very skilled at reading people and telling her friends what they wanted (or needed) to hear.

After her best friend, childhood crush, and halfling bard Baramin “Barmy” Yesbin, left with the Lionwalkers for the Sphinx’s Mouth, Seraphina has been eager to see more of the Fensprall before going to a university or taking on an apprenticeship. At age nineteen, Pa and Da told her it was time to go and seek her destiny. She chose not to believe that turn of phrase was literal.

Known Associates
Dunn “Nettlecloak” Grumblebrow — “Pa”
*Hill Dwarf Druid

Arlo Thistlewit — “Da”

  • Gnome Divination Wizard

Baramin Yesbin — “Barmy”

  • Halfling Bard

Bambina Yesbin — “Bambi”

  • Halfling

Lee Clifton

  • Human Fighter in the National Guard

Egon Zachariah

  • Halfling

Qai Shun Ji

  • Human

Echo Fenwick

  • Halfling

Kip Butterpond

  • Halfling

Winifred Mallowtine

  • Human

Seraphina Nettlecloak

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